One Tower Bridge launch for Southwark magazine

By Siobhán Crozier - Fri 18 July 2014, 5:12 pm

Berkeley Group hosted a summer party to celebrate the launch of 3Fox International′s Southwark magazine in the marketing suite at its riverfront development, One Tower Bridge, yesterday (17 July).

Southwark Council's chief executive, Eleanor Kelly, addressed the audience

Councillor Peter John, leader of Southwark Council, addressed the 80-strong audience of investors, architects and consultants: “All of you here have an interest in building and development in our borough. Southwark is truly extraordinary across London for the amount of development work and change that we see – and of exceptionally high quality, as well.

Southwark magazine – a brilliant read! – highlights some of the great developments going on in our borough and in particular the tall buildings that are changing the skyline of our capital and demonstrating that London is a fantastic, world class city, we’re not a city that is set in aspic, we’re an active changing city. We are seeing continued and rapid change – people acknowledge the centre of London shifting south of the river.”

John spoke of the importance of regeneration in delivering benefits such as new homes and jobs for the borough’s residents: “We are going to be increasingly tough to make sure that people who live here can get work on your developments, so that they can share in the results of your great work.”

Sarah Bevan, head of planning, Berkeley Group, welcomed the attendees to One Tower Bridge: “This is a development we’re very proud of. It comprises 355 apartments and a large cultural facility.”

The project is due to complete at the end of 2016 and is designed by Squire and Partners.

Eleanor Kelly, chief executive of Southwark Council, said that the scale of change that has happened in the borough over the past four years has proved that it is open for business.

Thanking all the sponsors of the 11th edition of Southwark – and by name, those who have made a commitment to issues 12 and 13 – Kelly said: “You’ve seen the quality of the magazine, you’ve seen the reach that it has, the fact that people do look to it to see what’s happening in Southwark, in the same way that they look to Southwark to see what’s happening in planning and regeneration.”

Echoing the leader’s theme about the importance of regeneration creating jobs for local people, she added: “I’ve been meeting a growing number of young people who want to work in construction, simply because they can see that it’s happening on their doorstep and believe that the opportunities are for them. You should feel proud about inspiring them but my challenge to you is to make sure that it’s not an empty aspiration, that they can actually get involved and engaged.”

Kelly singled out Justin Tibaldi, managing director, Berkeley Homes (Capital), who, along with the council, has sponsored the Young Vic’s Young Associates programme, which aims to bring disadvantaged young people into the theatre and set up a parallel theatre company.

“And only last week Justin took two pupils around this development,” said Kelly. “Those girls will never forget the fact that someone like Justin took time out of his day and did that directly for them. I would ask all of you to think about what you can do for young people, you can feel proud of what you do now but I also think you have a fantastic opportunity to look back in 10 or 15 years time and think about the impact you’ve had on someone else’s career.”

Councillor Mark Williams, Southwark’s newly appointed cabinet member for regeneration, planning and transport, attended the launch party and recorded an interview for 3Fox, which will soon appear on