Record secondary school applications in Southwark

By Marco Cillario - Tue 22 March 2016, 5:49 pm

A record number of applications for secondary school places was received and successfully dealt with in Southwark this year, the council announced on 2 March.

As many as 2,857 families sought a place for their children, and places were found for all of them, with more than 92% getting their preferred school and the remaining 218 being allocated an alternative. 

Cabinet member for children and schools Victoria Mills said that the trend was set to continue and called on the government to grant the council greater powers and more money.

She explained: “Despite us working hard to open a new school and to expand existing schools, the government must recognise that we need greater powers to plan and deliver places and this should be backed up by money to build the high quality school places our children deserve.”



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