Italian food market coming to Borough Triangle

By Marco Cillario - Tue 21 June 2016, 6:07 pm

A new 4,180sq m Italian food market will be launched in Borough Triangle at Newington Causeway on 30 June 2016.

Mercato Metropolitano is to open its first UK site in a disused paper factory, owned by housing association Peabody. It is located between Borough and Elephant and Castle stations.

The market, which opened its first site in Milan in 2015, will allow small producers, farmer and artisans to sell their products.  Based on a sustainable economic model, it will host award-winning Italian and British food retailers and an outdoor street food area.

Mercato Metropolitano will include an onsite bakery, fishmongers, butchers, coffee roasters, pizzerias, artisan beer makers, fruit and vegetable growers, farmers and pasta makers.

Workshops, talks and cultural events will also take place in the indoor and outdoor space available in the three-storey building.

A cinema and a pop-up hotel will also be launched on the site, along with a 370sq m Sicilian supermarket, Prezzemolo e vitale, a barber shop, a boxing gym and a co-working space on the top floor, called MAX.

Founder Andrea Rasca described the idea behind Mercato Metropolitano, saying that, while the western world has a growing dependence on products that are made in large volumes with a focus on sales, not quality, we don’t need food “just to fill our bellies”.

He continued: “We need nutrients to make our bodies and minds work properly. And on a social level we need good and tasty food to share with our friends and family. That is what Mercato Metropolitano offers to its customers.”