Bermondsey Street's secret rock legacy

By Natalie Vincent - Wed 13 September 2017, 12:50 pm

A little-known building in Southwark helped to make music history.

The Rolling Stones’ eighth studio album Let It Bleed was first recorded as a demo tape at 47 Bermondsey Street in 1968, where the basement was transformed into a rehearsal space and impromptu recording studio for demos. Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood also rehearsed with The Small Faces at the premises.

The former warehouse, which has been home to long-running theatre magazine The Stage since 1978, was first built in 1910, and fell into decay as traditional trades such as printing and leather closed down.

Once described by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour as “a dingy warehouse with a rehearsal room in it”, the building was leased by the Stones’ co-founder Ian Andrew Robert Stewart ‘Stu’ for five years from 1968.

The basement now houses The Stage’s archives, dating back to 1884. 



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