Brewing a storm in Southwark

By Natalie Vincent - Thu 3 May 2018, 4:14 pm

Two sustainable beer brewers have set up shop in Southwark.

Image courtesy of Small Beer Brew Company

Small Beer Brew Company was founded in November 2017 by James Grundy and Felix James, who wanted to revitalise the lost practise of brewing of low alcohol by volume (ABV) beer, by recycling water. Where creating one pint of normal ABV beer uses 10 pints of water, Small Beer has reduced this to one and a half pints.

The pair opened the doors to the Bermondsey brewery on 11 April, where 200 guests including buyers and investors sampled the beer; there are now plans to welcome creative artists and a yoga class to the 511sq m space.

Grundy said: "We love how creative the area feels. Our industrial estate is made up of some of the West End’s largest set designers to cool print studios. Everyone chips in and helps each other out. It’s a real sense of community.

"We believe that low alcohol beer has always had a stigma attached to it in the sense of it being far less flavoursome. Our vision was to turn that on its head and brew a beer that allowed you to enjoy the social lunch, evening catch up with friends or Sunday tipple, but not leave you with an unproductive afternoon or a cloudy head the following morning.”

The second business, German Kraft Beer Brewery, launched at Newington Causeway's food market Mercato Metropolitano, creates unfiltered beer using water distillation, and supplying warm waste water to heat the showers at nearby Rooney’s Boxing Gym.

Owner Florian Bolian said: "Having spent a lot of time in Elephant and Castle over the last years and having seen the change it went through, it seemed like the perfect place to start something.

"Mercato [Metropolitan] shares a lot of our values in terms of sustainability and fresh products. We support each other however we can and there are so many interesting people in the market community."