Venue for Southwark 15 launch event announced

The 15th issue of Southwark magazine will be launched at the former Southwark Town Hall on Peckham Road in Camberwell on Monday 12 September 2016.


We can be heroes

Regeneration projects cannot prove success until years after they are completed. From 2005 to 2015, the first decade of Southwark magazine, Toby Fox and Siobhán Crozier visit places changed now and for the future, and find visions made real

Breathing space

Regeneration takes time and sites can be eyesores before they are transformed, but Southwark leads the way in innovative 'meanwhile' use of its sites and buildings. Lucy Purdy reports


Issue 14 Launch Event

Issue 13 Launch Event

Sitematch London

Find development sites and discuss them with Southwark Council and public sector site owners at a speed-dating-style event.